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What can happen once again….

What can happen once again….

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In order to perform its functions in the next two months - before the parliamentary elections - the government did not adopt relevant laws yet. In September, as in July, the Cabinet chose the number of bills adopted by the Parliament in the first reading and approved them separately under its own responsibility.

In July, the "government" has adopted 11 laws, remaining two laws to the oncoming cold.

The LAW on the certain measures relating to the bankruptcy of the joint stock company. “Termocom” despite the pain of this process, before the beginning of the heating season, resolved that the residents of the capital shall know that heat will be provided to their houses not being aware of the provider’s name.

The Law on the import of fuel oil for the autumn-winter 2014-2015 of this type of fuel until 31 March 2015 provides that they will be released when from the excise taxes.

The other three laws were adopted due to the Russian embargo.

The Law on the amendments and agenda to the Law on the state budget for 2014 No. 339 dated December 23, 2013.

The actual adjustments related to the effects of embargo, and with the devaluation of the national currency provide that the state budget has to make payments to international organizations in lei, while the contributions will be made in currency.

The law on the amendments and additions to some legislative acts concerning changes in the Fifth section of the Tax code, the law on the state social insurance system, the Code of administrative offenses.

It concerns the support from the state, producers and processors of fruits and grapes by lifting forced execution of obligations.

Another law on the amendments to some legislative acts of the Fourth section of the tax code to provide tax incentives to manufacturers and purchasers of distillates derived from wine.

Curious changes in legislation have initiated another law on the amendments and additions to some legislative acts. This document raised the laws on the national Bank, financial institutions, and public debt as amended in 2006 and 2014. These curious wording was prescribed in the Moldovan legislation not previously encountered by the concept "Systemic financial crisis". In addition, if such occurs, the National Bank shall be granted the additional powers, and the government and the Ministry of Finance can even buy shares of banks – not using money, but state securities. It refers not only to the crisis, which may occur in the banking system, and the capabilities of the national Bank to issue emergency loans, but also to a possible crisis of the non-payments from the state for the internal and external state debt and guarantees.

The other three laws were adopted in the support of economic agents affected by the Russian embargo.

It is not necessary to make ongoing panic, but if the law prescribed the concept of "systemic financial crisis", it would be better to resolve it in the reasonable way.

The urgency of adopting the seventh Law of Declaration of public utility works of the national importance in several rehabilitation of centralized irrigation systems is rather naive. The document approves the expropriation of the immovable property (land and buildings) in 27 communities in the eight regions of Moldova. Damages to the owners will be at the expense of Public institutions "Millennium challenge Corporation- Moldova".

This project aims to initiate future sowing campaign of Moldova which will restore a large part of the irrigation systems. But why the government has chosen this law to be the most urgent? It was possible to take responsibility for the important laws approved by the Parliament in the first reading.

I will give only one example. In July of this year the Parliament adopted in first reading the draft Law on the promotion on the renewable energy. The document sets mandatory national targets for the share of energy from the renewable sources in the gross energy consumption and the share of energy from the renewable sources used in the transport sector.

The document regulates the principles and objectives of the state policy in the field of the renewable energy:

- integration of the renewable energy into the national energy system

- conditions of activities of production, transport, distribution and sale of electricity from renewable sources, biogas and liquid bio-fuels

- supporting scheme for the promotion of the renewable energy sources

-means of communicating about the renewable energy

The main directions of cooperation in this area

The bill defines a priority: by 2020, the share of energy from the renewable sources must be at least 17% of the renewable energy in the final gross energy consumption, and minimum 10% in the transport sector.

This law is among the outstanding objectives of the European agenda of Moldova in the field of the energy sector.

This law provides all necessary factors and is supported by the consumers.

By the way, in this week a new non-profit organization - the Association of employers in the field of energy was launched.

It aims to promote a common position regarding the national and international institutions of all market participants, production, transport, distribution and supply of heat and electricity produced from traditional and the alternative sources.

The main objectives of the Association of employers in the field of energy declared the protection of rights and interests of its members in relations with public institutions, trade unions, other non-state organizations.

-consolidation of the local market of energy and formation energy strategy

- improving the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the energy market

- support in the implementation of the third energy package.

- improving the efficiency and safety of this industry

Today members of organization are 23 companies of the energy sector of Moldova, although they were created on the initiative of all four market participants: HEC-1, HEC-2, Gas Natural Fenosa and energy producer from the renewable sources Solartech Energy.


By the way, this French company for the last 3 years has invested about € 1 million in the staff training and technical training in the field of the renewable energy, has created dozens of projects demonstrating the operation of systems using energy from the sun and wind. One of the projects has already been launched- in the commercial centre Porsche under MoSeFF it was possible to install solar panels, generating 420 Mega-Watt of the electricity per year, combined with the standard grid.

The Director of Solartech Energy Frank Le Borne said: "We have shown that renewable energy is a good solution for Moldova, given the fact that more than 90% of energy is imported by the country. But due to the lack of legislation in this area we can not implement projects worth 30-40 million euros".

Frank Le Borne publicly expressed outrage that the government cannot enact legislation in the field of the renewable energy, not allowing citizens to use alternative energy sources. He supposed that the deliberate delaying of the process is associated with the interests of the certain groups and the market players.

Dozens of the new laws adopted by the Parliament in the first reading are waiting for their consideration in the second round.

The elections will be held in two months and the government can once again look to the parliamentary office - suddenly there are laws adopted by the Parliament in the first reading, but without which the Cabinet does not know how to function any more.

In his book "Alchemist" the writer Paulo Coelho said: "What happens once can never happen. But what has happened two times can happen for the third time...