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Efficiency of the "Banquet".

Efficiency of the "Banquet".

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The investment forum - "Moldovan business week" has ended. Loud statements and assurances of devotion and intentions to continue cooperation were heard. The guests have left.

What "Moldovan business week"- 2014 was famous for?

In the beginning of this year the Organization for export promotion and investment MIEPO decided to join several international economic activities into one Moldovan Business Week.

- Forum exporters

- Regional workshops

- Vienna Economic Talks (B2B)

- Conference of international investors EU-Moldova

Forum exporters is not a new thing, the previous one was held in November 2012. It is a very useful direct dialogue between business and powers.  

The Vienna economic forum and the International Conference of investors "EU-Moldova" are the events of the regional and European level focused on our country.

Although data on all costs still to be determined, in general we are already able to describe the efficiency of the banquet (in thous. MDL).                                                       

The State Budget


The Governmetn Reserve Fund for VEF


The European Commission through EuroChamber




Mobiasbanca Gruppe Societe Generale


The BRITE Project


Here we need to distinguish Vienna Economic Forum: the structure of the agreement with the governments is that forum organizes conferences and dialogues between participating countries. However, for the holding of the dialogue from the Reserve Fund of the government of Moldova to address of the Vienna Economic Forum 23 thousand euro or 430 thousand lei were paid. That is, the Austrians not only created Vienna Economic Forum for the promotion and protection of the Austrian investment, but also take money for the services.

In general, these costs should be included in the general budget of the Moldovan business week.

Thus the "Banquet” was worth 1 million 200 thousand lei.

Amount of participants made up 314, 60 of which are the foreign ones. Even if not to take into account that many Moldovan registered participants visited the forum for total of two hours each registered guest accounted for approximately 4 thousand lei. The attraction of foreign investments was one of the key tasks- 20 thousand lei on each foreigner were spent.











Monte Carlo






















Great Britain




Almost all the participants of the Moldovan business week, anyway, are already familiar with the country, and many are already to cooperate here. One well-known entrepreneur compared forum ENEA with some kind of exhibition of the achievements of the national economy, where everyone knows each other.

It is well known that the officials and business shall cooperate and the officials shall understand the business problem and took appropriate decisions, but businesses should also know that the state can not exist without tax payments.

But as for international, foreign investors - there are few who could boast their first visit to Moldova.

Large foreign investments which are attractive for all the countries of the world will never come to the country if the state has no agreement with IMF. The presence of the country's obligations to IMF is a clear reference of the stability and security of the investments.

Moldova has no such Memorandum in this year. As IMF insists on optimization of social programs, the principle is that we should live within our means, and in the election year, no government would sign such a Memorandum.

No matter how the elections will end and in the most optimistic case, we can speak of a new agreement with IMF not before the beginning of the next year. If we agree, we can guarantee stability for at least for the next three years; will again spend money on the attraction of investments - not only new, but also the resumption of the suspended projects.

The forum of the exporters has borne fruit: so our business is arranged (especially small and medium one) that rarely monitors the decisions of the government and the Parliament.

The visit of Barosso is also not the checkpoint; especially considering his efforts of European integration of Moldova, carried out in the recent years minding that it was one of his last visits abroad in the post of European Commissioner.

However, the Moldovan party of foreign investors received an opportunity to talk about the business environment of Moldova, to communicate with the officials.

New large investments, without cooperation with IMF are still idle.

On the general background, few people paid attention to one very serious participant as Andrei Rybalchenco. He is the General Director of Ukrainian Association of the investment business, and represents the interests of one of his investment companies Prim Alliance in Moldova.

By the way, a representative of the French company was registered in the list of the participants.

This is a real foreign investment with the Ukraine, and they do not take into account agreements of Moldova with IMF.

Two years Prim Alliance has invested in Moldova 24 million dollars so they own distillery, garment factory, as well as the wine factory of Carahasani-vin. At the time of purchase of these enterprises, they have been idle for more than five years - and the Ukrainian investor resumed the production and is preparing to export its products under the brand "Made in Moldova". More than two hundred of our citizens were involved in this process.

It is strange that we are so used to scold all around and do not understand new opportunities opened for the country by the Ukrainian investor, which will be better protected than in its  native country (including at the legislative level).

Andrei Rybalchenko, the Director of the company Prim Alliance, the General Director of Ukrainian Association of the investment business said: "Moldova is attractive for investments. Development-oriented economic paradigm, partnerships, benevolence create favorable conditions for investment, and corresponding European directives of legislative framework adequately guarantees the protection of property rights and investment."

Was there a point in having such a huge event this year and to organize it in such a short time?

Let's just say that such events should be planned at least in a year, more to show visitors the successful projects and the industrial parks.

Can Moldovan business week claim in 2014? Looking at Business Week from a pragmatic point of view, compared with the flow of credit, the efficiency is still low!

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