Favorable terms for agro-industrial companies by “Polish Credit” facility

Favorable terms for agro-industrial companies by “Polish Credit” facility

Becoming recently partner of "Credit support provided by the Polish Government”, Mobiasbanca offers its customers financing on favorable terms for the development of companies operating in the agro-food and industrial field of the Republic of Moldova.

Thus, in order to develop their business the customers can access, within the program, credits from 500 000 Euros to 5 million Euros, which will be offered for a period of maximum of 12 years within the lending facility of the "Polish Credit" program.

The Companies that will apply for accessing finance will additionally benefit from multiple advantages such as affordable conditions for crediting, a wide range of equipment and services eligible for financing provided by entrepreneurs of the Republic of Poland, VAT and import fee at 0 (zero) rate.

To be eligible for applying to the program, the companies must meet the following conditions: foundation/modernization of enterprises in the agro-industrial field, investments in new technologies regarding the harvesting and processing of crops and livestock production, construction/modernization of production premises, investments in modern technologies and innovations in order to comply with EU standards on food safety and quality requirements etc.

By joining the "Credit support provided by the Polish Government” Mobiasbanca is expanding its range of financing from external financial sources, offering its customers many advantages for business development and contributing to economic growth.

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