First Edition of International Heartfulness Festival to Take Place in Chisinau

First Edition of International Heartfulness Festival to Take Place in Chisinau

A press conference was held today by an international team of organizers to announce the program of a festival of meditation and healthy lifestyle, to be held in Chisinau on May 14 and 15.

The Heartfulness Festival is a unique, two-day event, which will take place for the first time in the Republic of Moldova. The Festival is organized by the Moldovan representatives of the international network Heartfulness ( ). The purpose of this Festival is to promote a healthy lifestyle, harmony with soul and nature, through meditation, as a model that can help us achieve a better life experience. The Festival participants will learn how to prevent and fight everyday stress.

On the first day of the Festival, May 14,
an event called “The Heartfulness Experience” will take place at the Organ Hall, which will include a number of activities:

·         Presentations and discussions moderated by international experts from Romania and Canada, who will talk about meditation from scientific, philosophic and medical points of view;

·         Experimental meditation sessions;

·         Participants will be introduced to the theoretical and practical basics of meditation;

·         Psychology presentations;

·         A concert given by the National Chamber Orchestra will take place in the evening.

Admission to the event is free.

On the second day of the Festival, May 15, 
an outdoor event will take place at the Dendrarium Park in Chisinau. At this event, participants will have the occasion to enjoy the following:

·         Lectures on health, psychological and environmental approaches, delivered by experts from Canada, Romania, Moldova, and India;

·         Yoga workshops for adults and children;

·         Heartfulness Meditation workshops in Romanian, Russian and English;

·         Photo and painting exhibitions by Moldovan and Ukrainian artists;

·         Master-classes on detox juices and healthy food;

·         A concert performed  by “Make like a tree” (aka Sergey Onischenko , a travelling indie-folk musician from Ukraine);

·         A concert of meditation music;

·         Outdoor movie event;

Admission is also free.

The Heartfulness Festival is an absolutely unique event – it is a two-day experience of how living in harmony with our hearts and with nature can improve our lives.

Meditation is a way of living and not a religion. It helps us reduce stress and lead a calm and successful life.

Meditations are very useful for efficient work.  Many international companies and successful people around the world use meditation.

Meditation, healthy food and yoga are very easy to practice – just try it.

The Heartfulness Festival is an event for people who are open to new experience – it is an opportunity to learn new things and to have a nice joyful practice.

The Heartfulness Festival is not a typical fest with noisy music, barbeque and dances – just harmony and health. And it is free of charge.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Heartfulness Festival!